Our Story

Our goal is to use this platform to provide insight about what it is like to be a 20-something working in STEM. Here we will talk about what we like, what we don't like, how we cope with various issues such as race and gender in the workforce, and some of the fun stuff we do outside of working. We'll also explore some new STEM applications and answer your emailed questions.

All of us have the same goal, which is to show the next generation of women in STEM that there are people that look like them in these fields that are excelling. We want to be a walking example and give young girls an insight to how vast STEM is and is growing to be.

By sharing our candid accounts on lessons we've learned throughout our life and career, we hope that we can provide encouragement, mentorship, and guidance to young girls and women as they aspire to go out into the world and achieve their dreams and choose STEM.


Devin's Story


Growing up, Devin had always been interested in the sciences - first it was astronomy, then surgery, and now forensic chemistry - but her family knew she would grow up to be in STEM. While her interest in science kept growing by the time she got to Bishop McNamara High School, her love for MAC lipstick (well any lipstick for that matter) grew as well.

As she has never been interested in just one thing, she has shown that she doesn't fit in just one box and so #MacScientist was born. For her, this hashtag reflects more than her love of MAC and for chemistry, it shows that women in STEM can do it all. She want to use this brand to show young women of color that they can have and explore other interests beyond STEM and that it's perfectly okay to do so.

​The women that make up the #MacScientistGirls are women that Devin has met through different walks of her life that are all in STEM fields. #TheMacScientistGirls have different lifestyles and have chosen different paths to get to where we want to go. This blog will serve as a sneak peek into their lives and careers as they will share their successes and failures in their respective fields, and hopefully be an inspiration to budding #MacScientists all over.

​Feel free to ask us questions, share your thoughts, and spread the #MacScientist brand.


Devin Swiner, The Chemist

Our Team.

Devin Swiner, The Chemist 
Soyo Awosika-Olumo, The Engineer
Carrie Alexander, The Technologist

Courtney Young, The Analyst