Meet the Team!

All of our #MacScientist girls come from various parts of STEM and are on different paths. Read their profiles below. 

Devin Swiner, The Chemist
Devin is the original #MacScientist. She has Bachelor's Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Chemistry and is currently in graduate school at The Ohio State University pursuing my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. 
Carrie Alexander, The Technologist

Carrie is a recent graduate from Drexel University with a B.S. in Information Technology and a concentration in Networking and Server Technology. She is currently working in NYC as a Systems Engineer and pursuing a professional basketball career, if possible. 

Soyo Awosika-Olumo, The Engineer
Soyo graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently working in NYC as a Business Software Engineer in the financial services industry. 

Courtney Young, The Analyst


Courtney has a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from Frostburg State University. Currently, Courtney works for a sports statistics company as a Sports Statistician.