A Passion for Technology

My Technical Passion?

I've spent majority of my life around computers and technology. While most people in my generation may be able to say that, what’s unique to me is that I was sort of born into it. How so? Well, both of my parents are electrical engineers.

Like a lot of kids I knew, I played multiple sports, took dance classes, and played at least one instrument. The difference though... learning about computers was implemented into my upbringing equally as heavy. Having tech savvy parents allowed me exposure to a field (and later industry) that wouldn't even begin to peak until about 7 years ago.

While I may have been born into a technical environment, it wasn't guaranteed that as I grew up I'd stay there. Some of the things that drew me in, kept me there, and has brought me to where I am now are:

  • My obsession with problem solving, both individually and in with others

  • Having the ability to explain technology in a way that helps people to better utilize it, for themselves and the betterment of our communities

  • The concept of being able to take technology, learn about and understand it, and apply it to real-world situations

Everyone's starting point will be different. Everyone's motives will be different. Those are just a few of mine. And reasons like those, are what drives my passion for technology!

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