The Engineer: Least Favorite Classes

Hi Guys! Hope you all are doing well! Summer has finally arrived in NYC and although its finally warm, it's also been so rainy which is sort of a disappointment. In any event, welcome back to our blog! Last month, we talked about classes that we enjoyed in undergrad, this week we're talking about classes we hated in school. For me, these classes really made me question my intelligence as well as wanting to change my major. Although I made it through and came out relatively successful, I cannot forget the rough times it took me to get here. Here are three of my least favorite classes.

General Chemistry

Devin, if you're reading this, #sorrynotsorry. Chemistry was literally the worst class I took my freshmen year of college. I've never tried so hard and yet been still so bad at something. No matter what, it just didn't click. Although I passed Chem 1 and Chem 2 I actually took Chem 2 again over the summer in hopes of increasing my GPA. I did end up doing well over the summer, but honestly, if I look at another chemistry problem again, I may cry.

Computer Organization

Have you heard of assembly language? Good cause you don't want to. If you're realllyyy curious, it's this lower level language that's used to program the machine of your computer (like the hard drive). Anyway, this class also made absolutely no sense to me, I struggled through every single assignment, and honestly I don't even know how I managed to pass this class. I really thought about changing my major but somehow I told myself, "you know, it's just this class, and then i'll be done." Unfortunately, that was me lying to myself because I took two more classes that related to this particular course.

Systems Software

Again! Low-level programming languages are not my thing! If I ever come on here and write about how I've become an infrastructure or a systems engineer, just know that someone has kidnapped me and that is the message that I am sending to let you people know to come and save me! I really tried to complete the coding assignments, and really understand what I was doing, but nothing I did worked and whatever I tried to google was not helpful.

I think a lot of the reason why these classes were so difficult, was because I really didn't have anyone to really help me. I had no friends in my classes and no upperclassmen who studied Computer Engineering to seek guidance. Although these classes caused me a lot of pain, and I still cannot walk into the engineering building at the University of Pittsburgh without getting a little bit of anxiety, it helped me become unafraid to fail. I know now that just because some things weren't so easy, it doesn't mean that I am not smart and that sometimes you just have to push through. For all of you in your roughest class or going to be taking a really hard class soon, push through! There's a light at the end of the tunnel! Talk to you guys next week. - The Engineer


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