Macademics: Amusement Park Engineering

Hi Everyone! Sorry I missed you guys last week! I was on vacation in the Bahamas. The month of February has been crazy busy for me, however, one of my trips in February actually inspired this Macademics post. Earlier in February I went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I had an amazing time with my friends and was so fascinated by the intricacies and efforts needed to create the various rides. As a result, this post is dedicated to Amusement Park Engineering.

Amusement Park Engineering, if you couldn’t tell already, is the plan and design of Amusements. There are so many factors that go into creating a new ride. Front the front end view you have those who create the concept for the ride, design the ride, and construct the layout. While that is happening, you have he back-end Engineers calculating and analyzing energy management, distribution and textiles of the rides to determine where the ride will go. To handle the day to day operations of an amusement park you have Engineers who oversee the optimal way for everyone to enjoy themselves safely.

Rollercoasters take some time to actually come to reality. Wooden rollercoasters and steel rollercoasters take 8-18 months but themed roller coasters that you would see in Disney World or Universal Studio take 3-5 years. The engineering disciplines that work together to construct a roller coaster are electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and structural engineers.

Amusement Park Engineering is a type of engineering that requires creativity as well as ease in collaborating and working with other from different backgrounds. The journey to becoming a roller coaster engineer at a major theme park is a long one, but if you have the desire and passion to make your visions a reality, go for it!! - The Engineer

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