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Hello! We're back with new blog posts! Did you miss us? Well we're back with a new #Macademics post this month! As I try to use this series to highlight different engineering disciplines, I want to also use this series to highlight different concepts, and skillsets that are needed across different engineering disciplines. This week, I'm going to talk about coding. 

What is coding? Coding is the arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program. Its how you tell a program, process, or application what to do. Although it can be really daunting it's similar to learning a new language. For instance, if you were trying to learn Spanish at first you might see the words and feel really confused and overwhelmed, however, after you take the time to study and learn, it can become really easy. 

Coding is a very key skill to have has an engineering major. You don't necessarily need to understand the complexities and intricacies of writing code, but if you know how to code functionally it can be really advantageous. If your job or major requires some sort of modeling, knowing how to code can make your job or assignment way more efficient and easier than trying to do it on a non-coding environment. In my job I've seen (as well as implemented)  ridiculously complex excel spreadsheets being simplified and more efficient when being replaced with a process that has been coded. 

If you want to learn how to code and don't know where to start, I suggest python. Python is a great language to learn about the logic that goes into programming without having to focus on anything else. You can learn python by using code academy or tutorials point. From there it may spark your interests into learning more complex languages such as Java or C++. If you want to be a more visual (front-end) programmer, try learning JavaScript. Once you've gotten the hang of one language, it's pretty easy to learn others.

If you have any questions about programming, feel free to reach out! I'd love to answer your questions.

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