Macademics: CyberSecurity

Hey guys! So this week I wanted to touch on a topic near and dear to me: CyberSecurity.

A long-term goal of mine has been to work in this specific part of the tech industry, and eventually build my own CyberSecurity firm.

CyberSecuirty is such a complex issue, that there's no fast/easy ways to resolve these types of problems. New forms of technology, like the Internet of Things (IoT) make it even more difficult to uphold security standards.

However, there are things that technologists can do to improve and/or strengthen their CyberSecurity standing. Below are three important ones that I pulled from

  1. Be proactive about prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives: Lapses in cybersecurity are very costly. Don’t wait to get hit.

  2. Prepare for the worst: Don’t just focus on the short-term—your organization needs a developed contingency plan in the event of an attack. Conducting a simulation of an attack has been beneficial for manufacturers looking to develop a comprehensive plan.

  3. Communicate with employees and vendors: Human error occurs, which is why everyone from the CEO and down should be trained about cybersecurity and data protection. Include policies in your employee manuals and regularly have your staff trained on best practices.

As a technologist, keeping these 3 pointers in mind will definitely help better prepare you and your company or organization for future crisis.

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