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Hello MacScientist Community! We have reached the beginning of a new month which means new Macademics Posts. Now if any of you have software developer friends and you hear their conversations amongst other developers, you may feel like they're speaking their own language. Well today, I'm providing you a list of Tech Buzz words, their meaning, and how they are used in conversation.

front-end: the user interface of the application. Used in a sentence: "I'm using angular on the front-end."

back-end: the databases, algorithms used for the logic of the application. Used in a sentence: "mongoDB and java are used on the back-end."

full-stack: both front end and back end. Used in a sentence: "I'm a full-stack developer."

web-dev: development of web applications (websites). Used in a senctence: "I really like like web dev."

debug: stepping through your code base to determine the error. Used in a sentence: "My code has an error so I need to debug."

tech-stack: both the client/server side and the front-end languages used to develop a particular application. Used in a sentence: "That app sounds cool. What's the tech-stack."

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence; the operating software that is being developed for robots. "We should look into a.i and machine learning algorithms to write this."

native apps: applications that are written in the language that the platform your writing the language to. Ex: using c or swift to write native ios apps, java to write native android apps.

hybrid apps: in between a native app and web app allows you to build one app that could work on multiple platforms.

react native: building a mobile app agnostic to whether it's an android app or an ios app. Used in a sentence "I'm trying to use react native to build this ios application."

ruby on rails: a platform used to build web applications.

api: a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. Used in a sentence: "I built this application using the Instagram API"

There are so many more buzz words but here's a few to get you started and engaged with tech conversations! Does this spark your interest in tech? Let me know! -The Engineer

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