The Analyst: Dealing with Burnout

Hey everyone! 

Anybody ready for the weekend? Feeling a little more tired than usual this week? Everybody gets a little overwhelmed with their work and personal life at some point or another and feels exhausted because of it. This week Mac Scientists talk about dealing with burnout. Did you know that about 40% of office workers in the U.S. and Canada suffer from burnout? That’s a lot of stressed out people going to work. But never fear! You can be apart of the other 60% by consistently practicing self care. Below a few ways I deal with burnout, hopefully you find this helpful and start thinking about how you’ll fight the feeling of burnout. Enjoy!

- Pray and meditate

- Workout or play basketball

- Don’t do anything that requires me to give someone my energy for a few hours- sometimes we have to recharge to be effective communicators.

- Get a massage or a pedicure

- Listen to r&b music

If absolutely necessary, take a day off work 

Stay positive, things always have to get worse before they can get better. You’ll get though your burnout season. 

-The Analyst