The Analyst: How to be More Productive

Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and checked something off their to do list. Speaking of to do lists, here’s a few ways I stay productive:

1. Make a to do list

Being able to check something off always makes me feel better. The feeling of accomplishing something is rewarding. use this small victory as motivation to knock the next task out!

2. Stay organized

To help me stay organized I keep everything separated in different folders or notebooks. Its helpful when you have a few different things going on to keep your work separated. Keeping things color coordinated can be helpful too!

3. Wake up early

Get a head start on your day so you can have some alone time. Mornings are especially good for reading, praying/meditating, or working out.  Usually the time I wake up determines how good of a day I’ll have. When I’m early to rise I have time to clear my mind and prioritize the day. When I wake up late I tend to feel rushed and never seem to catch up with the day. Although everyone has their own sleep pattern, it is good to find some consistency with a schedule and always carve out some down time.

4. Eat well

Healthier food groups keep me energized, clear minded and feeling like I can do more. When I eat junk food I am sluggish and less willing to jump into my work.  If you put good gas in the tank, you’ll have more efficient fuel powering your day.

5. Workout

Training your body is a part of the preparation to train your mind. I’m at the top of my game when I’m working out regularly. It keeps my mind clear and helps me unwind and release the kinks after a long day.

6. Stay hydrated

Dehydration can cause a handful of issues. One of them being lack of focus. It is important to drink water through the day to get the most out of your day! Not to mention it keeps your skin looking amaziiingggg!

That wraps up all I have for this week.  Keep in mind this list is what works for me. And it took me periods of productivity and chaos to figure out what is best for reaching my goals. Not to mention I’m still working for a personal best everyday, just aiming to be better than I was yesterday. With that being said, take some time to figure out what works for you and strive to be consistent in your schedule.

-The Analyst


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