The Analyst on: Why STEM? Think of the infinite opportunities

Ever since I could remember I been crunchin’ those numbers, crunchin’ crunchin’ those numbers… (Juicy J voice). No but seriously, ever since I was young I’ve always loved anything regarding numbers: math, chemistry, physics, sports (the score) and now I’m interested in data analytics. As a little girl I was always doing math problems or helping my friends with their math homework. When I got to high school, I continued to study in the honors math and science courses which gave me a great jumpstart into studying STEM in college. Initially, I was a mechanical engineering major with the intent to build cars and other modes of transportation when I graduated. After my freshman year in college, I decided to change my major from engineering to Information Technology. I realized that it would take me at least 6 years to graduate with my degree because of how my University scheduled its classes. Also, I was not doing well in my engineering courses; and since they were just beginner level I was worried I would not have enough time or focus to give to this major as I was a student-athlete and worked on campus. Luckily, I caught this red flag early on and had time to change my major to information technology. I knew that there were some math courses involved and that intrigued me. I’ve always learned quickly how to use new technology such as mobile devices, printers and computers so it was the perfect fit. Information technology was good for me because it is such a BROAD topic. There are truly infinite career opportunities in IT, and that number continues to grow daily. As an IT major I was lucky enough to cover database management, HCI, networking, project management, programming just to name a few, and almost all of these subjects required some math. I have always wanted to be considered a “Jane of all Trades” and IT has begun to do just that for me. Although I have some more studying to do before I reach my ultimate career path goals, I think I am well on my way.

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