The Analyst: Progress Over Pettiness

Hey everybody, it's Courtney your analyst, here for another week of posts! This week we are going to tackle the importance of running your own race and not comparing yourself to others. Sometimes comparison originates from competition, but there is a fine line; I mean who doesn’t enjoy some healthy competitive motivation; but what about when we start to stack our chips against someone else’s? Comparison to others only leads to envy, and lack of focus. James 3:16 says “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice”. Comparison can tear down friendships, relationships, and psyches. When we choose to compare ourselves to others, we fail to recognize that as individuals we have only one life to live and that our creator put us here with a purpose! Without recognizing our purpose and acting on it, we start down a path of destruction. It is our responsibility to look inward and decide how we will achieve our life’s purpose or passion.

Comparing yourself to others may also stem from lack of patience. Maybe you and someone else are working in the same field. Let’s say Person A starts seeing awards and accolades for their work before you, and maybe you are working hard too you just did not quite stand out the same. Instead of comparing yourself to that person, congratulate them on their hard work! If you’re curious, ask them some thought provoking questions about the topic and make a note of it. Perhaps they will drop the one gem that you were missing last time you were assessed, and next time you’ll be ready to show your worth and get your just dues.

Ok, maybe we aren’t quite comparing ourselves to others, but instead we see someone that is headed in the direction we want to go in. Personally, if I see someone doing something I want to emulate, I try to get to know more about them and really learn just how much hard work they had to put in to get to where they are today. Person A’s story can put things into perspective, but it also lets them know that you see them working hard and it might motivate them to work harder! You never know when you are being a light to someone else, so be mindful when you see someone working hard at their craft and you think you are ready to get your praise also. Whenever you are thinking of comparing yourself to someone else, just think “Progress over Pettiness”.

Until next time STEM lovers!

-The Analyst