The Analyst: Self Care

Being involved in so many on campus organizations can be tough. But me being the person I am, I always think I can do everything. Not only did I stay on top of my work, but I also played basketball and worked on campus. Many days consisted of me running from class to the gym, to work, and back to the gym. Sometimes in the process of trying to do everything I would forget to take care of myself. Some days I would barely eat, leaving me drained and lethargic. At one point, it was getting hard for me to focus in school as well as practices, both my grades and my game play suffered because of it. I found myself frustrated with all the things I once loved to do. As my stats in the classroom and on the court began to drop I realized I needed to cut back on some things and take better care of myself I had to make some choices.

I started by just taking a deep breath and try to pinpoint the areas of my life that I felt out of control. I began eating better and more consistently, this helped me have more energy and focus, as well as feel more energized. I also had to stop going out with friends as much so I could get some rest. When the basketball season ended, I decided to make a little more time to just focus on myself. I made sure I was getting adequate sleep and was taking out more time each day to study. When I came home for spring break I treated myself to getting my eyebrows done and a pedicure. It’s amazing how just taking care of the little things help you in the long run. You cannot take care of others responsibilities until you care for those of your own.

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