The Chemist : 2019 Resolutions

Hey everyone! For our posts this week, in the spirit of the start of a year, we decided to give you our resolutions. The start of the new year, for me, always come with self reflection. I think about what went well, or not so well, the year before and see what I need to change. This year was no different. Here’s what I’ve decided to focus on in 2019.

1. Publish my first, first author paper ASAP.

This is more like “submit it as soon as I can”. I’m at the point during my first research project where I’ve done all I can do and it’s time to publish. It’s kind of scary, but at the same time exciting because I get to showcase my work to the world (and hope they like it). I’m basically done writing it and I’m just wrapping things up formatting wise, so it’s just a matter of getting it done so I can stop thinking about it and focus on something else. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets publish during the first half of 2019.

2. Self love all year!

This resolution is more of a continuation of what I tried to start doing more consistently at the end of 2018. Fun fact: I’m a worrywart and also my biggest critic. This leads to me being overworked, stressed and overall not happy. Soooo this year I’m trying to be better at self love. With the help of an accountability partner, shout-out to you, I’ve been writing daily affirmations about myself and so far so good. The plan this year is to keep this up and to also find ways to relax. I realized that I was slacking on the self love last year and that has GOT to change this year so I can finish out grad school strong.

3. I want to read more.

Another thing I want to do this year is read more. I always read sciencey stuff, but I want to get back into curling up with a good book and getting lost in a story. I don’t really have an ideal number of books to read this year but if I can read at least 10 I would be happy. If you have any good recommendations please let me know! I’m open to almost any genre.

4. Saving! Saving! Saving!

As I’m sure you can imagine, being a graduate student is nothing like having a full time real job, which means I don’t make as much. In 2019, I want to rebuild my savings account. Last year, I went on vacation so that’s where the money went, so this year I want to build it back up again. This means, no unnecessary spending, and staying on budget. I was doing a great job with my budget last spring, but that fell by the waste side by the summer. Overall if I can save enough to not feel like I’m living paycheck to paycheck, that’ll be perfect! Have any creative ways to save? Let me know.

So that’s what I have on the agenda for 2019. What are some of your resolutions? Tweet them to me!

- The Chemist


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