The Chemist: A Letter to My Younger Self

This week we decided to write letters to our younger selves. See what I had to tell 14 year old Devin.

Dear Devin,

It's sophomore year at Bishop McNamara and I know classes are getting hard. You're in a few honors and AP classes and adjusting to that workload is completely different than freshman year, but I want you to know that it'll all be worth it in the end. Right now you're learning how to think through problems, how to write research papers, and how to study for upper level classes and these are all things you'll need to be good at when you get to college and eventually graduate school. I know you won't believe it when I tell you you were convinced to pursue a PhD. but it happened. I also know you have tunnel vision to working in forensics and just getting a Masters right now, but make sure you keep an open mind to your teachers and mentors and they'll continue to guide you in the right direction. Grad school isn't as bad, or as scary, as it seems.

Be sure to keep being involved too! It probably seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with classes, play volleyball, and still do other extra curriculars , but the fulfillment you'll get from doing things outside of science is what's going to keep you sane. You and I both know you LOVEEEE kids and helping other people, so try to find a little time to do that. Plus by the time you become a senior the opportunities you're going to be approached with are going to have a huge impact on the next chapters of your life, so just wait on it.

The last thing I'm going to tell you as I end this letter is to always stay humble and appreciative of those that support you. You have a lot of people in your corner that are going to help you on your journey - and you also meet a lot of other great people along the way. LET OTHER PEOPLE HELP YOU! At this point in your life, you're horrible at that, but you do get better at it as the years progress so no worries.

Keep your circle small, keep growing and glowing, and continue to be selfless. Enjoy the rest of your time at McNamara and study hard because college is right around the corner (and you end up at a pretty amazing school, but I won't ruin that surprise just yet).

Love you!

24 year old Devin

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