The Chemist : Back to School Season

Hello, lovely people. I hope you are having a good week. This week our topic is back to school so I'm just going to make this motivational and give you all some tips that I think could help.

Now, for all my seniors out there on any level, this is YOUR time to shine. Make sure you guys are getting your work done, filling out those job/school applications, finding people to write your recommendation letters, and all that good stuff. It's really important that you get things done early, so you don't fall behind. Another thing, try your absolute hardest to not catch senioritis. It is real, especially in the spring because you can see that graduation light, but stay disciplined. Make a schedule and add it to your phone calendars. I do that with my gym schedule so my phone sends me reminders to go and if I don't go, I feel bad because it was written down and was important. Try that with major deadlines or even homework/study time and see if that helps to keep you on track.

For my newbies, enjoy starting a new chapter. This is a clean slate from the last chapter of your life probably with new people and future new experiences. Embrace it, even if it's scary. Say hi to people you see in class often. Start off strong this school year - it's never a bad idea to have some wiggle room in that GPA in case things go south at some point. Keep up with your work but also start building a network. These are people that will be on your journey for a while, so once you're settled, start branching out. Join a club, take a class that you're interested in that has nothing to do with your major. If you're in a new city, go explore it. Starting something new is refreshing. Don't let your past hinder you from making this a great chapter of your life.

To my inbetweeners, you can do it. If it's your second year, congrats you are no longer the babies. If you're a third year (or fourth year taking some extra time to finish), stay strong. Start thinking about your next steps and make a plan. Once you have a plan, show it to someone your trust at your school and see if they have any advice on what you should or shouldn't be doing. Look for internships or other shadowing opportunities that are related to your major/potential major, and do research! These are all great things to have one your resume. This is the time to set yourself up for a great future. The work you do now can be a tremendous help to getting into your dream school or job. Still focus on your grades too. If you're struggling, consider retaking a class or doing some summer work or even going out of your way to find a tutor. If you're GPA is good, keep it that way. Don't slack off.

And lastly, for my people taking a year off or that recently graduated and aren't going back to school...what's your plan? Are you where you want to be right now? Be on the job hunt, whether it's looking for something that makes money so you can go back to school or if you're looking for a job in your field, keep looking. The more you apply, the higher your chances are to land a job. Practice good interview skills, go to career fairs, use your network! It's more who you know than what you know sometimes. If you're discouraged because the plan you made last year is not the life you're living today, it will be ok. I promise. Things happen for a reason. Accept your life as it is and work towards progressing. Try not to lose hope. Sometimes door close so better ones can open. And sometimes you have to take a different route to get to where you want to go. You'll make it. Don't doubt yourself and your skills.

Have any back to school tips for me? Tweet or FB message me! I'd love to hear your goals for this upcoming school year.

-The Chemist

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