The Chemist: Empowerment

Hello, lovely people! I hope you enjoyed last week's #Macacdemics posts. This week we're going to talk about empowerment.

I think this is really important so other women don't feel alone and can be encouraged to keep pushing. That's some of the reasons I wanted to start this blog/brand as a visual representation of female empowerment. I wanted to find a way to be candid about my experiences so you all don't feel lost in yours. Too often, WOC in STEM are overlooked because we are few and far between in our fields, but the beauty, I think, of #MacScientist is that we can be anywhere you need us to be. I hope you all can feel how much each of us love and are rooting for all of your successes and how we really want to help in any way we can.

As someone with a lot of male friends, whom I love with all my heart, it honestly is NOTHING like having a strong group of black women behind you. We are so strong, driven, supportive, and full of so much love that needs to be showcased. We're extremely talented and one way to keep all forms of #BlackGirlMagic going is to be supportive and BRAG about each other! You never know who you can impact with a kind word, a warm hug, or a listening ear.

Empowerment is a powerful thing. As someone trying to make it, it feels really good to know I have strong women that have walked in my shoes that I can go to for advice about life and STEM. I can call/text/FaceTime/hang out with all of these women and they all have my back. It's truly a blessing that I have a strong support system behind me, rooting for my success, and that is what I want #MacScientist to be for other women. I want this brand to be a celebration of all of the good that is being done by black women in STEM.

Tweet or FB me (or the blog's pages) for a shoutout! Send me anything you've done recently that you are proud of, no matter how small, so I can share it woth other people.

My new motto to live by that I'll share with you as a little motivation..."I woke up this morning & realized that I don’t have what it takes to sit back and be average.”

See you next week!

-The Chemist

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