The Chemist: Establishing Relationships

Hey everyone! This week's topic is on the importance of establishing relationships in STEM.

Now I'm a pretty social person and I love being able to talk to anyone in any given situation, so I think this is important. The people you're in your classes with are your colleagues now and these are the relationships that'll last during your career. Everything about where you are in life right now is about growth and exploration and it can be scary. Trust me, I'm in a phase of major growth and adjustment myself.

But honestly I wouldn't be able to get through this without my friends. They're the ones in my classes and in labs and can understand my late night studying pain. You need people in your life to talk, laugh, study, vent, and cry with in times like this, so why not make a friend or two? The goal is to maintain balance! Don't stress yourself out too much. Always remember sometimes it's good to have a friend that actually understands your STEM-related problems. Now I'm not saying they have to be your BFFL, but being friendly will never hurt.

In the picture I added for the week the guy in the grey suit is my Chem Buddy, Pat. Now Pat and I realized sophomore year or so we were in the SAME CLASSES all the time so one day we started talking. We became lab partners that spring and haven't looked back since. The more time we spent together doing homework and being in lab, the more we got to know each other and it was amazing. I literally love Pat, all of my friends know about him, both of our families met during graduation and it was a great time. Pat unexpectantly became one of my really good friends and who's someone I'm glad I randomly talked to one day.

So consider talking to that one kid that's in all of your classes, you never know what can come from it.

-The Chemist

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