The Chemist: International Women's Day

Hey everyone! Sorry for missing #Macademics last week, I was crazy busy but I'm back. Happy International Women's Day to all those amazing women out there! In honor of this day, we decided to blog about how international women have influenced our fields, so naturally I had to do a quick blog post about Marie Curie.

She is a boss! She's Polish, French-naturalized, and was both a physicist and a chemist. Her main claim to fame comes from her research on the development of the theory behind radioactivity, creating techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, anddddd she discovered two elements, polonium and radium. Curie also was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in 1903, this was for her physics research in radiation, but she also has a Nobel Prize for chemistry, which she won in 1911 for the discovery of two new elements. She is the only woman to have two Nobel Prizes under her belt and the only person to win them in different sciences. Needless to say, she's phenomenal. She has other accomplishments too, but this blog post would be super long if I went through her whole life. Just trust me when I say that this woman definitely made a mark on the fields of both physics and chemistry - she even has a unit of measurement named after her. #goals

There are plenty of other international women that have done and are still doing outstanding work in STEM and in other fields and today is the day to highlight them. We should continue to celebrate all of the women that came before us, the ones making major moves now, and then encourage the budding brilliant minds coming after us. Women are capable of doing tremendous things in this world and I, for one, am excited to see what we do next.

Who's your #InternationalWomen'sDay goals? Tweet me with your responses!

See you next week.

-The Chemist

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