The Chemist : Interview With My Dad

Hey there! In honor of this being Father's Day week, we decided to interview our dads. Read what he had to say below.

1. Hey Dad! Tell me a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Rod and I am a fun loving person, who loves to laugh and make others do the same. I try to find humor in whatever is going on. My Christian faith means everything to me and try to keep my morals intact. Being a great man, husband, father and friend leads me to believe that I am doing what GOD has planned for my life.

2. What's it like raising a daughter?

I feel that raising a daughter is an awesome responsibility because I am the role model that you need to see in action as a strong leader and provider. You need to take my example and learn how a man is supposed to conduct himself, in all situations. A daughter should watch her father and when the time comes look for similar traits and characteristics in her dating life....ughh, way down the line.

3. What is something that I do that reminds you of yourself?

Your sense of humor. You try to be funny and have quick come backs when folks say something. If I say, "You know that I am the funniest person that you know," you normally respond, "Yeah funny looking." You are legendary for giving me the business on social media and it doesn't matter to you if I approve or not but you're my Princess. Also, your leadership reminds me of me because I like being in charge and making sure that things get done and people are held accountable. This is not done by being a dictator but by being organized, driven and focused.

4. How do you feel about #MacScientist and what we're trying to with the brand?

I absolutely love #MacScientist because it is fresh and innovative. I love how you professional women came together and made a dream become a reality. Your weekly blogs keep the energy going and by providing great insight and pointers that are helping to shape lives and encourage a great interest. I believe that there is room for your ideas and conversations that may just spark a young mind or two and watch them grow and cultivate their craft and push this dream into outer space.

5. What's a piece of advice you'd give me to make it through the rest of my 20's?

I would say PRAY and encourage you to stay the course. Your schooling has prepared you for additional greatness. You appear to enjoy what you're doing and you know that you enjoy teaching others and sharing your knowledge on all the science, I'm glad that one of us can. You are very good with your money but still enjoy spending mine, so you should be in good shape financially while you continue through the rest of this decade called the 20's.

Thanks for letting me interview you, Dad!

See you all next week.

-The Chemist

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