The Chemist: Interview with My Mom

Happy (almost) Mother's Day to you all out there! This week we thought we'd interview our moms and if anyone knows me, they know (and probably love) my mom. Read what she had to say to my questions. 

 Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m coming up on my 53rd birthday this month.  I’ve been married for almost 26 years and I have two awesome children.  I’ve worked in the Federal Government for 35 years in budget and HR.

What are three words you'd use to describe "motherhood"? Why?

Best experience ever!!  It’s such a blessing to be a mother and watch the development and growth of my beautiful kids.  The love and sacrifices you have and make for your children is like no other.  It can get rough and crazy sometimes raising them, getting them from one place to another, homework, dinner, projects, etc. but because of the special love you have for them you press forward and get it done.

Favorite memory of me as a child?

You were always a smart and respectful child.  Never wanted to get in trouble.  My funniest memories are when you only wanted your brother in your room when YOU wanted him to be there.  If he came in there when you didn’t want him to you use to yell “ Mommy, tell him to get out of my room!!” but when you wanted him to play with you, I’ll hear you call him in your room.  I used to sit quietly and listen for that little voice calling “Kovan, Kovan come in my room and play a game!"

Something that I've done that's made you the proudest?

Other then being a wonderful child and all,  you have many accomplishments - being a leader and thinking for yourself is what makes me the proudest!  This is very important, so you can live you best life and not live for others.  You found your passion in chemistry by following YOUR own steps.  I’m PROUD of my baby girl and LOVE you to pieces.

How do you feel about what we're doing with #MacScientist?

I LOVE IT!! I look forward to reading your blog each week and can’t wait to share it on my social media. The fact that you’re sharing your experiences in STEM to help and encourage young girls is awesome. It says a lot about how amazing and unselfish you ladies are. One day you guys will be sharing your articles in STEM magazines.  

Lastly, what's one thing you've hoped you've instilled in me?

I hope I instilled in you, the love of the Lord and to follow Him in all you do and in your life.  To respect and pay it forward to help others when able.  Live a good and healthy life!!!

Thanks Mom for letting me interview you! I hope you like the gift I sent you. 

Why's your mom the best? Tweet me with some responses and let me know how you're spending the holiday.

-The Chemist 

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