The Chemist: Life Update

Hey everyone! Happy Pride!!! I hope your June is going amazing and you're enjoying this heat. With everything we have going on we thought it was the perfect time to update you all on our lives. Here's what's been going on with me in 2019.

I was teaching this year and I loved it!

If you follow any of my personal social media accounts you know I had the pleasure of teaching second semester general chemistry. I love teaching that material and my students were amazing! I didn't like the grading, I don't think anyone does, but being in the classroom/lab with them was a lot of fun. This past semester, I got to teach the chemistry majors and they definitely kept me on my toes! They were so curious about why things were the way they were and I loved sharing my chemistry knowledge and even learning how to make perovskites with them. Cultivating relationships and being able to push their development as scientists was so rewarding.

I'm really close to publishing!

Being post-candidacy means that it's time to start publishing and I am so close! We submitted to a few journals and I recently just finished some edits from reviewers for my paper on my first project. Keep your fingers crossed it's published by the fall!

I'm writing....again.

This is the point of graduate school where I'm knee deep in research and even though we're working on getting my first, first author, paper published, I'm in the middle of writing my second one...on top of starting to write this review paper with my advisor. Suffice it to say I'm always busy. Now that I'm over the hump of writing my first paper, this second one seems more manageable and I'm trying to knock it out by the fall so we can submit that too. Pray for me and that I'm disciplined enough to tackle writing two things at once.

I'm on RA next year!!

My group just got 3 grants funded this summer which means no more teaching for me! As much as I loved teaching this past year, I am beyond excited to be on a research assistantship. I'm a self proclaimed lab rat so being able to just focus on that is going to be great. (And I have to start thinking about graduating since I'm going into my 4th year of graduate school). Also, in typical Devin fashion, with these new grants means I have a completely new project - unrelated to what I've been doing/things going in my dissertation. The jury's still out on that project because I have a lot to learn before actually executing it, but I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'll keep you all posted on that one.

On a personal level, I've been building new relationships and nurturing the ones that I already have, so shout out to all of you. I'll be going home next weekend so it'll be a nice mini vacation and opportunity to leave Ohio for a bit. I need to recharge so I can come back focused and ready to get to work.

Be on the lookout for new things coming from us in the second half of the year!

What have you been up to lately? Has 2019 been good to you? Let me know!

-The Chemist


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