The Chemist: Life Update

Hi Everyone! It's good to be back blogging. I've missed you! This week's topic is an update on what we've doing so far in 2020 and let me tell you I have been BUSY! I know I always talk about my life "being in shambles" but this time, it's good shambles. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Graduation is Soon!

We have a date, folks! The agreed upon (between myself, my advisor, and my committee) date is May 9th! I cannot tell you all how excited I am about being so close to the finish line. Having a date makes it all real, and a little scary too, but I feel good knowing the work I've been putting in has gotten me to this point. The game plan now is to finish these last two projects, get these papers published and write my dissertation. Feel free to check on me over the next 6 months, send motivational messages/tweets, and Dunkin' gift cards. I'm going to be going into hyperdrive soon and any form of support is truly appreciated.

Another thing I've done during COVID was publish another paper! This one is about my ricin detection project and brings the count to three first authored publications. I love that project because it directly impacts society. If you want to hear more about the paper, here's a talk I did on it last week! As always, I'm happy to answer any questions about it.

Launched a Professional Brand

Devin, The Chemist went live!! I didn't really tell too many people this was in the works, it was 100% impulsive, but I officially have a science brand and website. You may have noticed my Twitter feed turning into more things about chemistry, that was on purpose. I wanted to start creating a name for myself in my field so I'm repurposing my social media. Devin, The Chemist is going to complement #MacScientist and focus on more on science communication, research, and my efforts as a STEM advocate. It's really new and I'm happy with the outcome so far. If you have content you want to see me post, let me know! I also have a blog and newsletter for it so be sure to head to and subscribe.

Co-founded #BlackinChem

Alright, so the last HUGE thing I've done this year was co-found #BlackinCHem on Twitter. In a similar vein to other #BlackinX weeks, our goal was to increase the visibility of Black chemists and their contributions to the field, in response to police brutality against Black folx. It blew all the way up and I don't think I have all of the words to describe everything we did. Here's the flyer I made for the week to give you a glimpse. Spoiler alert, we did A LOT in 6 days. I was exhausted, but it was worth it.

What was so special about #BlackinChem is that it created a space for Black chemists to thrive and be supported. We even got MC Hammer, Michelle Williams, and Michael B. Jordan to endorse us! Another thing I've been loving about #BlackinChem is the community that has been forming because of it. I have a #ChemTwitterFamily and they are absolutely adorable! They're some of my favorite people I've met online. It's been a huge adjustment tweeting random things and having all of them engage with it, but I've been having a lot of fun.

There have also been several interviews, features, opinion pieces, invited talks, and collaborations that have come out of this very successful week and I am sooooo thankful for it. I tried to keep up with everything so if you're interested in reading about the week, use this link ! There are a few more pieces about me and #BlackinChem in the works and I'll be sure to post those on my website as well.

In typical Devin fashion, as you can see, I've been super productive and 2020 has been good to me, even under these horrific circumstances. The only other thing I'm doing is job hunting, but that's not as interesting to blog about so follow my Twitter feed (@Devin_Eleven) for that. Other than that, it's just research. I'll be back to blog about graduation when it comes so be on the lookout for that.

- The Chemist


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