The Chemist: My Love for Liptsick

So the main reason for #MacScientist has everything to do with MAC as is does the fact that I'm a chemist and since this week we decided to talk about our non-STEM related hobbies, I had to talk about lipstick. Now anyone that knows me or follows me on social media knows that I wear a lot of different colors. Anything from blacks/greys to navy blue (newest purchase) to purples to reds to olive to nudes, I'll try almost any color. I just really love that my skin tone allows me to experiment a little. It's just funny because when I was younger I used to do my grandma's makeup after church and I didn't really like playing with the how the tables have turned. She always told me that when I got older I'd be into it, but if you told 10 year old me I'd own about 50 different colors she would've laughed. But lipstick for me pulls together any outfit and I'll put it on to go literally anywhere. High school was really when my "addiction" got bad and naturally I started with MAC Cosmetics (matte lips are my fave). Once I realized purples looked good on me, it was a wrap - I have more shades of purple than I thought were imaginable. Then from there I've explored Tarte, NARS, Stila, Smashbox, Kat Von D, Sephora Collection, Lime Crime, Melt Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, and more recently Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I basically justify any and all lipstick purchases which is why I have so many. If I see a new color that I don't have, best believe it was purchased and I'm looking at the confirmation email already. Now you're probably thinking why I have so many lipsticks and I'm a chemist that's in classes, doing labs, and conducting research all time. That answer is simple, lipstick makes me feel good. It's nothing like a good lip to put me in an amazing mood. It's one of those things that keeps the femininity in STEM in my opinion. I don't have to walk around in labs looking rough (as some people would assume) all the time when I can throw on a cute brown lip and have a little confidence. I'm not saying wearing makeup in the lab is a must or that not wearing it is a bad thing, it's just my thing and I love doing it. Below I've listed some of my absolute favorite lips if you were in the market for a new color. Enjoy! Stone- MAC Cosmetics Smoked Purple - MAC Cosmetics Blood moon- Lime Crime Jinx- Lime Crime Catsuit- Melt Cosmetics Taupe- MAC Cosmetics -The Chemist

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