The Chemist: Preparing for the Week

Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween! For those that are going out tonight, be safe, have fun, and get some candy for me. This week we're talking about how we prepare for the week. I try my best to stay organized and abide by these steps, but I have my weeks where things just don't get done like they're supposed to. So here's my "best case scenario" ways I prepare for my week.

Wash Day!

I'm natural, so my weekends include some form of a wash day. Whether it's a full wash day, where I wash, condition, deep condition, moisturize, and thennnnn style, or an abbreviated version, I do my hair. I can't go into the week where my hair looks a mess, so I make sure I take care of it over the weekend.

Meal Prep

My Sundays typically consist of meal prepping, at least lunch and dinner, for majority of the week. Cooking is very relaxing to me so you can always catch me on a Sunday afternoon, with music blasting, prepping something to eat.

Special Skincare

Another thing I tend to do on Sundays is add something special to my skincare routine, typically in the form of a face mask. Taking care of your skin is important and I try to make sure I'm taking care of mine. Whether it's a clarifying or hydrating mask, I throw that into my routine at some point of my weekend. It's a great way to "refresh" for the next week.

Update My Planner

I have a planner that I'm pretty obsessed with and I tend to update it over the weekend - or at least see what I have going on in the coming week so I can plan out my life. Using a planner helps me stay on top of the million things going on in my life and keeping it up-to-date is super helpful.

Do you have a special way you prepare for your week? Tweet me with some responses.

-The Chemist


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