The Chemist: Strengths and Weaknesses

Hey everyone! This week we thought we’d talk about how to manage our strengths and weaknesses. I think this is one of those things where you can’t have one without the other. It’s like science, every force has an equal, yet opposing one. We can’t all be good at everything, we all have things we struggle with or want to be better at doing. But it starts with identifying these for yourself.

You have to be willing to critique yourself and accept what you find. For example, I’m a planner. Type A at its finest. This means I’m really good at organizing and putting things together. I’m the type of person that’s meticulous and thinks things through thoroughly. But with this strength comes a huge weakness, I stress myself out trying to do everything. I also am horrible at letting other people do stuff....because I know how it needs to be done and in my head no one can do it like me. It comes with the territory of being Type A and I know that about myself. So what I try to do now, since I’m conscious of these weaknesses, is to try not to tackle on too many responsibilities and to try to delegate things to people I trust. All in all, it’s a work in progress. Nothing happens overnight.

That’s how we all need to be with ourselves. It’s about taking a step back and make an unbiased opinion about how we do things or act in certain situations. Sometimes this doesn’t happen by yourself, sometimes other people say things which makes us reflect on it.

On the flip side, being able to accept your own strengths and weaknesses could help when putting together groups to accomplish a given task. You look for people that are good at the things you’re not. So for me, I’m not super creative in some settings so I work better with people that constantly have new ideas. They say it, I find ways to make it happen. You always need someone to balance you out. I know for a fact I couldn’t work with multiple Type A people, that would be a disaster, I need that balance for my sanity’s sake.

Having weaknesses is not, by any means, a bad thing. We all have them. Look at weaknesses as things you can improve on. It’s not that you can’t do these things, it’s just you have talents in other places and you have to put in a little more work to make them happen. We’re all doing that same thing.

What are some of your strengths? What kinds of things are you hoping to improve on in 2018? Tweet me with responses!

-The Chemist

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