The Chemist : The Importance of Discipline

Hello, my friends! This week we're talking about discipline and how important that is being a post-grad mini adult.

I've always been pretty good keeping myself on track. I'm intrinsically motivated, if you will. If I want something or want to reach a particular goal, I just kind of do it. My brother, is the complete opposite of that. Being discipline is really based off of what motivates you, which is crucial to figure out at this point in your life. Some people are like me, and just get things done in a timely fashion. Others are like my brother, and need a little outside motivation. Then there are the ones in the middle of the spectrum, where the source of motivation depends on the task at hand.

I learned super quick, that moving to Columbus and being on my own required a new type of discipline I wasn't quite ready for. I had the school thing down pack. I could get an assignment and knock it out, get a research project and do fine with that too. But the rest of adulthood is what I was not ready for at all. I found myself starting to coupon clip, making a budget, constantly saving my time, money, and energy, just to get through my transition into grad school and having a social life.

Grad school is hard, guys. It's a lot of new responsibilities that you aren't used to in high school or undergrad. Grad school typically means you're moving, paying all of your bills, living alone or with people you barely know, etc. It's basically a huge adjustment and it completely overwhelmed me, tbh. Since school was the form of discipline I wasn't worried about, that's where I started. I made sure I was getting all of my work done and busting by butt off in the lab, It was the other stuff that took some time.

Learning how to live off of a stipend that I got once a month is STILL a challenge, but it's a process. I started coupon clipping before I went grocery shopping (you guys know I'm a list kind of girl, so I definitely look like my grandma crossing stuff off of a pen and paper shopping list) and I have an Excel spreadsheet that has my budget on it, just like my mom does. I even meal prep! I enjoy having control over the things in my life I directly affect, so I make sure that those things are in order as best as they can be to ease my mind. I set goals financially and each month save a few hundred bucks the moment I get paid, so I'm not used to using that money and that alone helped me buy Bella (my new 2017 Kia Sportage LX).

Being disciplined looks different for everyone. You have to find what motivates you to get what you need to get done, done. You have to be practical too. Start with the things you know you can control, like school/work and put yourself on a schedule, then move up to things you find harder to keep on track. It's one part of your life at a time. You can't tackle everything at once or you'll go crazy. It is hard, don't get me wrong, but the more you work at it, hold yourself accountable/have someone else hold you accountable (see what we did there, check out last week's posts!), the easier it becomes a habit. The next part of my life I need to get together, is going to the gym! Anyone willing to be my gym accountability partner, let me know on my social media. It would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying to look good for homecoming season.

If you need any tips on how I attempt to keep my life together, don't hesitate to ask!

-The Chemist

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