The Chemist: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great week. Today, we wanted to talk to you about what it’s like moving to a new place and I felt a quote from my favorite movie of all time, The Wizard of Oz, perfectly described how I feel about the subject. You can’t keep growing if you never change the soil and that really set the tone for me the older I get.

Now this is something that will more than likely effect everyone at least once in their lives. Personally, I haven’t lived at home since I was 18, and now by live I mean more than just a summer vacation or holiday visit. Im

orginally from Maryland, as many of you know, and I got my undergrad degree from Pitt, which is in Pennsylvania. The move there was eye opening. I was on my own, thinking I was a grown up, about to tackle college. When I moved there, I didn’t really know anyone, but it ended up being an amazing decision. Was is scary? YES! But it did allow me opportunities to think for myself and become my own person. I couldn’t rely on my parents to wash my clothes, cook for me, or keep my apartment clean. It was all on me and I truly am grateful that I made that move because it made me a mini grownup. I tell everyone that it’s so important to leave the nest (when you’re ready) so you can have new experiences, meet new people, and just to see what else the world has to offer. I knew at 18 that Maryland couldn’t do that for me so I took that leap of faith and it definitely paid off.

Fast forward to my decision to move again, AND farther away, to Ohio for graduate school. Now this move was hard. I had to realize I was basically financially independent, it was another new city, and another place I didn’t know anyone. The biggest difference was finding new friends. In undergrad that’s a lot easier, because you’re surrounded by people constantly. Whether it’s in classes, at events, or in the dorms, there are always people around to interact with that are your age. Grad school? There’s no set age group, some people have full fledged families, school is now your job, and you have to find actual friends out of your coworkers. All of that on top of adjusting to a new academic environment, with a lot more responsibilities. ANDDDD coupled with post-grad depression? Whew! It is A LOT, let me tell you. But what I will say is that this move in particular is teaching more about myself than my move to Pittsburgh ever could. This type of challenge tests your strength, and for that I will always be thankful for it. It truly is the stepping stone to my life on my own. It’s pushing me far out of my comfort zone and I’ve had to grow in ways I never thought I had to.

All in all, though, I’m making it and you will too. Yes it’s scary, but in all honesty it’s necessary. Spread those wings! Home will always be there waiting for you. Sometimes it really is okay to leave Kansas.

- The Chemist


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