The Engineer: 2018 Life Update

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are well! This week we decided give you guys an update on our lives. It seems like this year has really flown by and I don't know where the time went. If you missed my last update, you can check it out here.


Work has been really good! It had been really busy at the beginning of the year because I was working on building a new app on my team from scratch, but now that it's finally been released to our business users, I can breathe a little more and work on adding new features. It's been a great experience because I've gotten a lot of exposure to the business side of things and have really advanced my technical skillset. I feel really fortunate because what I'm doing now is exactly what I wanted to be doing working for a finance company in the technology space. As I mentioned last time, I'm still involved in various affinity groups which has kept me busy, especially during the summer when the interns were around! Now that the interns are gone, things have quieted down in the office which has been really great. 

Side Projects.

I had a goal this year of completing at least three side projects of my own this year. I am sorry to say that I don't think I will be completing that goal this year BUT I've been working on this design certificate program online. In this program I'm learning more about the inner-workings of user experience and web design which has been really fun to learn about. I'm about a fourth of the way through the program and I can already see different ideas and projects that I hope to complete in the near feature.


If you know anything about me, you know that I love to travel. Earlier this year I did my first solo trip to Iceland and it was AMAZING. Just being able to explore a new country and take everything in by myself was just so eye-opening and gave me so much perspective. I definitely recommend putting Iceland on your travel list if it isn't there already. Other new places I've gone since we last gave you an update are The Bahamas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, and potentially others that I honestly can't think of right now! 

As hectic as things have been, I'm looking forward to really focusing and grinding this year out. I have so much I want to accomplish so it's important for me to stay focused and in the zone. Hope you liked my update! Let me know if we should do more!

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