The Engineer: 2018 Review

Hello Everyone!

We have reached the end of 2018 and wow what a year has it been. There's been a lot of ups some downs but all in all I couldn't be more thankful with how the year turned out. At the beginning of the year I wrote about what I thought 2018 was going to be like and I defined it as the year of growth. Here's a look back on the three areas of growth that I defined for myself:

Professional Growth

My new team is not so new anymore! I worked really hard this year and got to see a project that I worked on from scratch come to life and leave a lasting impact within the organization. I also became a Co-Chair for the New Analyst and Intern Committee (NIC) at my company which will serve as a great opportunity to give back and work to help new analysts find their place at the company. I've also been working on a UX/UI design certificate which has been such a great learning opportunity and have gotten to explore using both parts of my brain to create art. I'm looking forward to finishing it and 2019 and taking on new opportunities for next year!

Financial Growth

Full transparency, I didn't do so well in this area. Although I made more money this year, I also spent more money this year. I still managed to continue paying off my student loans and car but I unfortunately didn't end up doing as much as I would've liked. Something to really focus on for next year though!

Personal Growth

This year, I really made sure I was unapologetically myself. I did what I wanted and didn't feel bad for sticking true to what I wanted to do. I'll be leaving 2018 with strong relationships as well as new connections. I went on my first solo trip to Iceland, I did my first workshop with MacScientists, and I got to really connect with people in New York City! I'll be looking into exploring more of the world and how we engage with it through Technology.

2018 was a pretty solid year. I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store. I hope you've enjoyed my last post of 2018 and I'll see you next year in 2019! Stay tuned for my post for what I'm aiming to do in 2019! - The Engineer


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