The Engineer: 2019 Review

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Hey Ya'll! Wow. I cannot believe we are almost done with 2019! It has been one, long but interesting year to say the lease a lot of surprises, twists and turns, some downs and some many accomplishments. Curious to how my year went? Keep reading to learn more.

As always, when I start writing these reflective posts, I look back to see what I thought I wanted at the beginning of the year. (You can check out this post here) to see what I thought. I think overall I was very intentional this year but the results of my intentions ended up differently than I expected. Here are some of my highlights:

Turning 25!

I turned 25 in February and I spent it in Morocco and Spain! Morocco was one of my dream destinations to travel so I felt so fortunate to cross it off my bucket list. Turning 25 has been a pivotal age for me and it was then I started to think more about my career and how I want to shape my career for the future. Which led me to finding a new job that aligned to my goals.

New Job!

I now work at Mailchimp as a Software Engineer! Interviewing was so tough and it was really hard to get back out there after not having to have interviewed for a job in 5 years! It has definitely been an adjustment working at Mailchimp but after three months, I know I made the right choice and I feel so much more valued, encouraged, and in an environment where I can truly thrive!

I Ran a Half Marathon

I never thought that I would have ran a half marathon this year. Honestly, I just randomly decided I was going to do it and just went for it! It was definitely tough especially juggling traveling and trying to train but I finished better and faster than I thought I would have. I can't wait to run another one.

2019 was filled with a lot of changes and experiences but it showed me a lot more of myself. I'm ready to build and grow in 2020 with new experiences and challenges. What were some of your highlights for 2019? Let us know!

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