The Engineer: 2020 Review

Wow! What a year 2020 has been. I never thought that this would be how 2020 turned out but in some aspects, I'm kind of glad. While things were tough for me mentally and emotionally through some parts of 2020, I was able to still achieve more than I ever thought possible and I'm gearing up to step into some new opportunities and ventures for 2021.

My word of the year for 2020 was Focus. I reflected on what I had wrote at the beginning of the year, and have so much I need to update on!

Career Updates

My biggest update here is that I got promoted to Senior Software Engineer! This was so exciting and it felt so good to finally feel seen for the work that I've been putting into really growing my career! It's funny because I actually tweeted about this and I was overwhelmed with how much support and love that I got from strangers on the internet. I am excited and motivated to continue growing in my career.

I also completed my goal of being advanced and knowledgeable in 4 technical areas! This year I learned Sanity IO, CSS, GraphQL, and Shopify Development. Can't wait to tackle more technical concepts next year!

My mentee at work transitioned over into being a full-time employee and I couldn't have been prouder! It's been so exciting watching her grow and just keeping her encouraged along the way.

I also got paid two speak at 3 different engagements and it was so exciting! I thought this wasn't going to happen due to the pandemic, but I really enjoyed speaking virtually!

Community Updates

This was probably the goal that didn't really pan out how I wanted it to, but I was able to really appreciate the power of community and those that I have around me. I started really using my instagram as a place to talk about tech & productivity and it's been a really cool experience so far.

I am a First Robotics Assistant Coach with Girl Scouts and it's been such a cool experience and watching the girls build their robots and complete their missions and it's been really fulfilling. I love opportunities that I can give back to the community so this is especially important to me.

Financial Update

Your girls finances are looking strong and healthy!! I've also been learning a lot more about personal finance and investing and have been pretty successful so far. I'm really working towards some different financial goals that I have in the next 2 years so I'm really excited to feel comfortable with my money and to continue working towards the goals that I have that will better my future and leave a legacy.

I'm also going to be launching my digital consulting agency and I can't wait for the launch! There's been a lot of mindset work that has gone into it so I'm excited to really excited to step in and build my business up and keep growing.

Personal Updates

I've really been on a self-love journey this year. I realize that I wasn't the most kind to myself and I've really been working to change that. I've been doing tons of yoga, journalling, reading, and just really working towards bettering my mindset and growing myself from the inside out. I'm really proud of how far I've come this year and I'm excited to keep growing and learning more.

This year has been incredibly unexpected but I've learned so much about myself and I'm excited for what the New Year will bring.


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