The Engineer: 5 Strategies for Working From Home

Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by to our blog. I hope you and your loved ones are staying happy, healthy and safe during this pandemic. We will get through this, if we continue to stay safe. A lot of us, have adjusted to the new life of working from home during this pandemic. If you're still trying to figure out how to adjust, hopefully these tips that I provide will help you get situated.

Accept that you aren't going to be as productive

This isn't just a normal working from home experience. This is working from home in the midst of the pandemic. It's okay to not be as productive and you shouldn't try to force yourself to be more productive than what you can physically and mentally able to handle. Take a step back and evaluate what you realistically think you can handle and press forward.

Create a space that you only use for work purposes

If you can, get a desk and only do work at your desk instead of all around your living space. Setting up a good working environment for yourself allows you to have a place you associate with doing work and will increase your productivity because it will get you in the mindset to do work in your workspace. If you're constantly moving around or working from your bed or from your couch which is where you relax, it'll be hard to really attribute it to a work zone.

Take breaks and set boundaries

When you're working from home, it's really easy to just constantly be working without any breaks and just be constantly glued in. Take your lunch break, take a snack break, and work the hours that you normally would if you were going to be in the office. You don't want to burn yourself out just because you're constantly glued to your computer, your body and mind will thank you.

Eliminate any distractions

One thing I don't do that that has helped me with not get distracted is to not turn on the TV while I'm working. I've tried it and I literally won't get anything done if I have it on. Eliminate any other extra noises and don't try to just do a million things just because you're at home. You're still working.

Cultivate good routines

Have a good routine will make you more successful in life but also while working from home. Getting up to either make your bed, workout, or eat breakfast will help you set the tone for the day regardless of what comes up that you cannot control. We have time now to create good routines and habits so take control of it!

Being able to work from home during this time is a privilege that a lot of people in the world are unable to have. While we do our part by staying inside and staying safe, try and focus on ways to transition into this new normal and boost your mental health in the process. Do you have any work from home best practices? Let us know!