The Engineer: 6 Steps to Level Up in Your Career

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hello! Hope you all are having a good week. Hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this time. This week, we're talking about how to level up in your career. It can be hard to know where to start and what to do next leaving us in a constant state of being stagnant with no direction on where to go. Here are my strategies to level up in your career.

Be Curious

For those of you who know they want to be somewhere but don't know where, this one is for you. You have to discover what's out there in order for you to know what you want to do next. Spend the time learning from other people via podcasts, meetups, twitter, facebok groups, etc. to learn more about what is out there to at least give you that initial idea of what direction you want to do next.

Speak up for yourself

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you have to ask for the opportunities to get it. Talk to your manager about what you are interested in doing and see what opportunities are available within your current team or at different parts of your company. Network with other people to get your name out there. Letting people know what you're interested in will allow others to keep you in mind when other opportunities come into the horizon.

Invest in Yourself

If you're not finding the opportunities at your current work place, take the time to invest in yourself outside of work. Do some personal projects, take some courses, or earn some certificates to further dive into whatever particular area you are interested in or to advance yourself and your qualifications.

Build Your Personal Brand

Building your brand outside of your work can only help you when the time comes to seek other opportunities. Start a blog, create a podcast, or interact on social platforms to get your name out there. (If you need some tips on how to build your brand, click here.)

Don't be afraid to fail

You're not always going to be good at everything that you try to do. Don't let that stop you. Use that as an opportunitiy to figure out whether ot not you want to invest the time to get good at it or pivot your approach in away that adheres to more of your strengths. Not being afraid to fail allows you to explore about what you want and will help you grow.

Create a Plan

Now that you have all these tips, it's time to create your plan of action! Life is a Marathon and not a sprint so don't think of your career aspirations as something that you have to do right now but something that you can build towards for the future.

Navigating your career can be tough, but creating a plan allows you to think more clearly. Do you have any tips to elevate your career? Let me know.