The Engineer: A letter to My Younger Self

This week we decided to write a letter of relefection to our younger selves. Keep reading to see what I had to say to young Soyo.

Dear young Soyo,

I'm sure you're back home at around midnight after marching band practice, a game, or an all day competition now trying to start your homework for your honors classes on maybe four hours of sleep. You're probably stressed out and anxious trying to get As in your classes so you can remain in the top 10% of your graduating class.

Well young Soyo, I'm here to tell you that things get better, your mindset has changed, and you have achieved more than what you thought you ever thought you could imagine. Here's ten things I've learned along the way to keep you somewhat sane as you advance through the years:

  1. You have a gift of bridging the gap between different people, use it as one of your strengths. 

  2. You're a lot smarter than you think you are. If you see someone doing something that you want to do, operate with the mindset that you can do it too.

  3. You may have to work a little harder, but that doesn't mean you're not as smart. Some things you probably won't be as good as you want to be but just keep pushing.

  4. You're forever going to be on the struggle bus, but it's okay cause you're able to figure out what stops to get off of.

  5. Engineering is hard. Really really hard. You survive though.

  6. You'll start to see who truly cares about you and values you as a friend and not just someone who is convenient.

  7. Your family is proud of you for what you've accomplished so far and they can't wait to see you do next.

  8. You will meet some of the best people of your life in college, so don't sweat the high school nonsense. 

  9. Life gets better once you graduate college and have your own independence. Once you've graduated, you can truly live your best life.

  10. Life comes back around full circle. You'll be surprised what you thought were disappointments turn out to be beautiful manifestations. 

I hope this letter gives you hope and courage when times get hard.


Soyo, The Engineer

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