The Engineer: Accountability

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results."

Accountability ties into many different aspects of your character. Being a person that could be held accountable for your actions shows that you have integrity, are reliable, and are determined. Holding yourself accountable for your actions shows that you're self-reliant, responsible, and ambitious. Being someone who is accountable shows that not only do you have the passion and drive but also the determination to see things through.

Being accountable in the workplace can really help your the growth of your career. One day at work I had a coffee catch up with one of the members of the team I completed my first project for. One of the biggest takeaways I got from that conversation is that you want to do your work well and be someone who is seen as smart and reliable so that senior people will tell your manager that they want you to be on any future project that gets prioritized. Hearing this motivated me to make sure I was doing all my work to the best of my abilities while strengthing my connections with others so that I can be the go-to person. Although at work I know I stand out because I'm a double minority, I want to make sure I stand out because of the quality work I produce.

Being accountable amongst your personal relationships is vital. You don't want to have friends that you can't rely on nor do you want to be someone that they can't rely on. I can't even begin to count how often my friends and I made sure we got our work done, studied for our exams, and making sure we were doing whatever else we needed to do to better ourselves. This strengthened our connections throughout college and has carried me through into my post-college life. You need to have people checking on you and making sure you're doing well physically and mentally. You also need to be that person for other peoole because you never know what people may be going through. I try to make myself as available and reliable to my friends because I care, love, and appreciate them and I know they would do the same for me.

Holding yourself accountable is really what drives you to get stuff done. Everyone has a list of responsibilities and passions that may or may not intersect. If you want to see your goals and aspirations come to fruition, you need to hold yourself accountable to make sure you're getting everything you need and want done. For me, that means making sure I'm as healthy as I can be so I can be on top of my game, completing personal deadlines, and learning and growing daily.

So I ask you all how are you holding yourself accountable? What areas do you need to strengthen your accountability? Are you doing what you need to do to make sure your goals are met? -The Engineer

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