The Engineer: Answering your FAQs

Hello Everyone! Hope you're having a great week! This week we thought it'd be fun to answering your frequently asked questions about our careers!

What got you into the tech industry?

Well I studied Computer Engineering in school which led me to seeking for a job as a software engineer. However, I could've gone a different route from software engineering (and almost did) but what kept me as a Software Engineer was the fact that I realized I really enjoy coding and solving problems through code and it didn't matter that I couldn't express my enjoyment in he same way that my peers do and now I'm excited to see where my career takes off!

Do you code?

Yup! A huge part of my job is sitting in front of a computer and coding. I work on building web applications and improving reporting processes and I do all of that coding in languages like Java and React.

What's your typical day to day like?

So it really varies from day to day but it doesn't all include coding! I work directly with my users to ensure that I am building the applications that best serve them and that involves a lot of back and forth gathering requirements and showing them different iterations of my work and having them test. I love the users that I work closely with because we have a great working relationship!

How did you land your first job?

I interned at Goldman Sachs the summer after my junior year and was offered a full-time offer after completing the internship! I accepted the offer partially because I had a good internship experience and also because I was too lazy to apply anywhere else. I have no regrets!

Those are the questions I often get the most! Do you have a question I didn't answer? Let me know!