The Engineer: Back to School

Hello people! Summer is coming to an end and school is on the horizon! I hope your summer has been fun and fulfilling but now it's get back to business. Here are a few things to get your mind right to prepare for the school year!

Do you know your schedule?

Knowing your schedule is key. By knowing your class schedule, you can figure out when to fit in eating, studying, napping, working out and any extra curricular activities. Having a plan is key!

Have you looked through your syllabuses?

Professors have most likely posted their syllabus online. Download it, read it, and make yourself aware of what's on it. Pay attention to when office hours are, how much things are worth in terms of your overall grade, and when your exams and/or quizzes are. All of this will really help you get in the right mind frame to tackle this semester.

Do you have your school supplies?

Its better to start the year having everything you need. That includes books, pencils, notebooks, planners, etc. In my engineering classes, "syllabus week" was really "syllabus for the first 5 mins" so its better to be prepared to take notes and be a functioning student your first day.

Do you know what you're doing next summer?

Although summer just ended, you have to start planning for next summer. Companies have already opened up their internship applications so it's better to apply earlier rather than letter. If you need help preparing your resume, feel free to look at my resume tips.

I hope this coming semester is a great one! I know you guys will all kill it. Don't get discouraged and just keep pushing through! It will all be worth it.

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