The Engineer: Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programs

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good week. For those reading and are back in school, hope you're adjusting well and the semester is starting off on a good foot. For those starting a new job or maybe coming back from a long summer vacation, hope you're not too overwhelmed and/or don't have too many emails waiting for you in your inbox. This post is dedicated to sharing my tips on how to get back into the swing of things for every possible scenario. Keep reading to find out more!

Starting a new semester? Read your syllabus before you get to that class, have your necessary school supplies, know where your classes are and plan your schedule to include your extracurricular activities, nap times, and eat times (yes, please remember to eat). If you know you're going to need a textbook use your resources to either buy, borrow, or rent and figure out how much it is going to cost in total. That way when you get to class the only thing that may surprise you is the amount of work you may have to do or the lecture styles.

For those starting a new job, make sure you know how to get there and make sure you either have a subway card or gas to ensure you're not stuck along the way for some unforeseen reason. Plan to leave at a time to accommodate for any kind of traffic you may encounter so that you get to work earlier rather than later. Have your clothes ready for you to put on in the morning and have your lunch (if you pack it) and bag ready for you to pick up as you leave the door. Coming to a new place with the confidence that you have it all together will make you feel ready to take on and start this new chapter in your life.

Coming back from a vacation or a long weekend? Feeling like you just need a weekend from your weekend because it was so packed? Well, this is me 75% of the time and I think I’m finally sort of developing some kind of system to help me transition back into the work week. If you’re going out of town, make sure your apartment is clean before you leave so you can come back to a nice, clean space. I don’t know about you, but my apartment is an external reflection of what I’m feeling on the inside so if everything is neat and put together, I feel like my life is together. I like to cook my meals for the week ahead of time, so I if I know I won’t have time during the weekend, I’ll make my meals the Thursday before and freeze them so that they are ready to go for me every day. If I’m coming back from some sort of vacation, the night before I head back to work I will check my work emails so I have an idea of what will be waiting for me when I get back to my desk. How your Monday goes really sets the tone for how your week is going to go, so if you can start it off positively and productively, the rest of your week has a high potential of being great. Although you can’t plan for everything, it’s good to plan and prepare for things that are at least beyond your control. How do you prepare for school/work? Share your tips with me!

– The Engineer

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