The Engineer: Define What's important to you.

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having a good week! This week we’re talking about how to define what’s important to you. Curious to how you define it? Keep reading the blog post to learn more.

This year, my focus was on being more intentional both in my personal and professional life and it can be really hard to do. It has involved a lot of saying know, getting more organized, and reprioritizing what I want to do. Through all this, I think I’ve come up with the following questions when I go about determining what’s important.

Does it make me happy?

My happiness is my priority. Once I started working my mantra was that my happiness is worth more than what money could buy and that still rings true. I don’t want to do anything that is going to make me feel miserable, bitter and/or dissatisfied with myself and my life.

Does it align with my goals?

We’ve talked a lot about goal setting and how we need to set smaller goals in between the big goals. If some opportunity or experience comes up and it doesn’t really align, it’s probably not worth pursuing.

Am I obligated to do this?

Noteverything that I do are things that I want to do, but I do have obligations that I have to fulfill due to different relationships that I have with people or needs that have to be met. For example, I have to go to work in order to get paid and to be able to take care of myself. While it may be an obligation, it’s still important.

Do I want to do it?

This is probably the most important question you should ask yourself. If the answer is no to this one and so are the other three questions are also no, it’s definitely not important to you.

Are there any consequences or sacrifices?

With every decision you make, there’s always a give and take. It’s important to evaluate what those consequences are for what decision your making and if it’s worth the sacrifice that you may have to make based on what you feel is important.

I hope these questions help you when deciding or defining what’s important? What are things you do to determine if something is important? Let us know!


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