The Engineer: Engaging in Your Communities

Hi Everyone! Hope you guys are having a good week. In the past, we've talked about fitting into the work environment, however, this week we're talking about engaging in your work community.

While in school, you more than likely were involved in various extra-curricular activities such as sports, student government, dance teams, etc. When you're out of school and in the work place, it can be difficult to stay as involved in your new environment. When you are young in your career, it may not really make a difference how involved you are in your work community, however, a lot of my mentors at work have told me that the older and older you get in your career your success in terms of leadership is less determined by your day to day work and more about what you contribute to the work community. So, why not get into the habit and build those relationships early on?

Personally, at my workplace I'm involved in the Black Engineering Network, Women in Engineering Network and the New Analyst and Intern Committee. Being involved in these groups has not only taught me a lot about myself and has also increased my network at work but also makes going to work more enjoyable cause I have other areas where I can be creative and do other things outside of my regular software developer day to day. Through these organizations, I have found people that I can count on, who are looking out for me, and want to see me be successful. A lot of these people I genuinely consider my friends as well!

My advice to you guys is to stay involved in and develop your own community within the workplace. Work can make you feel like a small fish in a big pond but you can work to making that pond smaller. - The Engineer

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