The Engineer: How I Prepare for the Week

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good week! I know it probable seems like forever since I’ve last wrote to you, but things have been happening and I’m excited to get back into the swing of things! This week we’re discussing what we do to prepare for the week.

I will preface before telling you my routine that I try to do this every week. Sometimes, my laziness takes over and nothing gets done but that energy will carry with me throughout the rest of the week which isn’t good for me to fully balance everything I have going on in my life. So, if you’re still interested, keep reading!

Do my hair

We may have to do a natural hair post sometime soon (let us know if you want to see that) but I will say that I always wash and deep condition my hair over the weekend. I like to wear my curls down in a wash and go at the beginning of the week and if it gets old I will put it in a puff (I’m really boring). Having my curls clean and defined at the beginning of the week will really shape my outlook going forward.

Meal Prep

I try to bring my lunch to work as often as I can to save money and to save time in the mornings I package everything on Sunday. I also try to prep dinner because when I come back from work I very rarely ever feel like cooking and to not tempt myself to buy takeout, making food ahead of time helps. The whole process includes getting groceries, cooking, and creating even portions + snacks for throughout the day. I also try to mix 2-3 smoothies at a time as well because that’s what I like to eat for breakfast in the morning.

Review My Schedule

I’ve become quite the calendar snob these days. If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening! I always review my calendar in the beginning of the week to determine the best days that I can work from home (I try to pick the days where I don’t have many meetings or there’s not free lunch at work) also which friends I’ve scheduled to see so I can follow up with them to confirm if We are still meeting. Work life balance as well as maintaining relationships are really important to me.

Update my Spending Tracker

I’ve started creating a manual spending tracker because while apps are great there’s a level of customization that is needed to factor everything in and I feel like this way puts what I’m spending into reality. Over the weekend I update my expense tracker and try to get some understanding as to what areas I need to improve on in my spending habits.

What are some things you do to prepare for the week? Let me know and feel free to try some of my tips!


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