The Engineer: International Woman’s Day

Hello beautiful people! Hope you all are having a good week. Today is International Woman’s Day and we thought no better way to celebrate this than blogging about what that means in respect to our fields.

I love how this day celebrates women all over the world. As technology keeps advancing, the world gets smaller and it allows us to see the greatness that is being done to make an impact into the community at large. Through this we find new ways to identify with one another thus shaping our mindset and encouraging us to do whatever we want whenever we want to.

Being a woman in engineering can often times be exhausting and intimidating. However it’s so empowering and inspiring seeing other women excelling and flourishing in their respective disciplines.

Although fictional, Shuri’s technological innovation throughout the whole country of Wakanda was impactful and inspiring. My favorite thing she said in the movie was “Just because it’s good, doesn’t mean it can’t be better.” Her technological innovations are what saved her, her brother, and the rest of her country. As black woman in engineering it’s nice to see my reality being seen in film as it would be encouraging to a lot of young people out there.

So, I encourage you all today, and everyday, to take pride in your accomplishments. Work towards creating a better version of yourself even if you stumble, pick yourself back up. As women, we can do some amazing things and as a unit, we can change the world.

See you next week! The Engineer

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