The Engineer: Interview with My Dad

Hi Guys! In honor of Father's Day being this past Sunday, we decided to interview our dads like we did for Mother's Day. My dad is one of the smartest people I know. His constant encouragement and assurance helps me move forward and achieve what I never thought could be possible in myself. Here's what my dad had to say:

Pops! Tell me about yourself.

Hi my name is Debo and I am a family-oriented man who is driven, kind-hearted, God-fearing, and a positive person. I always see myself as someone who can always find a solution no matter how big the problem is. I trust in the ability of God to do all things.

What's it like raising a daughter?

From the first day I met you, you've been a bundle of joy. I've never regretted having you as a daughter. I've loved watching you overcome many obstacles and challenges without giving me or your mother any stress. You have been a blessing to our family. In my experience, between raising you and your brother, raising a daughter is very convenient and less headache.

What's something that I do that reminds you of myself?

The way in which you think and try to solve problems. I remember when you were younger, every time I was building something, you always wanted to help. Additionally, your wit and sense of humor is also like me as well. I love the way we joke around with one another. Lastly, the way you manage relationships with different people is very similar to me.

What are some words of wisdom that you have to take me through my 20s.

Trust in the Lord and always cling to your faith. Your middle name means, "My faith in God blesses me." and that was directly inspired by God. As you approach different obstacles in life you should lean on your faith to navigate yourself through.

How do you feel about the #MacScientist brand?

I feel like this is an opportunity for you all to fulfill your purpose. It allows you all an avenue to reach those who cannot be reached and provide various perspectives that can make an impact. It really takes people who love and care for people to share their experiences to better humanity and provide ways for people to go further than you and achieve what they couldn't believe to be possible. It takes a lot of sacrifice which I admire.

Thanks, Pops for letting me interview you! - The Engineer

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