The Engineer: Managing Strengths and Weaknesses

I feel like when I hear people talk about someone's strengths and weaknesses it's seems like it's always talking about how to improve both your strengths and your weaknesses. However, I personally don't think that's entirely true. While it's great to be working on your weaknesses, your weaknesses will never be your strength no matter how hard you try.

"Play up your strengths and have someone handle your weaknesses. It's ok. Work together. You don't have to be all by yourself." - Whitney Wolfe

When looking or being placed with new opportunities and ventures. Examine whether or not this something that that will strengthen your strengths or expose your weaknesses. I think the hard truth is that whether or not you feel that you really enjoy something, if you know it's not something you're going to be good at, you should really analyze whether or not you feel like it's worth venturing into especially by yourself. And if you feel that it's not, it's okay to walk away from it and pursue something else that will not only challenge you but also show off your strengths and what you're capable of.

Now, just because your primary focus in your career is capitalizing on your strengths, doesn't mean you have to completely ignore your weaknesses. If you want to pursue something, but don't think it's something that you're fully good at, work with someone else! Two heads are better than one and if you're working with someone who will fill in the gaps that you have while you'are filling in theirs, it makes for a great partnership and can lead to a bigger growth and impact.

It's okay to not have it all. No one does. But when you recognize and identify your strengths and weaknesses, you can really challenge yourself and create a balance in your work and in your life. Don't be afraid to know your weaknesses and working with other people to fill your passions and dreams. - The Engineer

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