The Engineer: Life Update - March 2020

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are saying safe and healthy during this time. It's hard to really believe and understand how things have gotten this way, but if we can all do our part to keep each other safe, we will overcome.

We thought this year we will give you all quarterly updates to see how we are tracking with our goals (if you missed my 2020 New Year's Resolution, you can read here). Want to see how I've been doing so far? Keep reading.

After reading my post at the beginning of the year, I'm realizing that a lot of the things that I want to accomplish may not happen this year. However, I'm focusing on accomplishing the things that I know I can control.

Career Updates

I've switched to a new team at work! It was a little nerve wracking at first, especially being that I only started at my company 5 months ago. However, I'm excited for the new challenges and problems that my team and I will be solving this year. I get to build more of my back-end skill sets which I am really excited about too.

I've been also advancing my knowledge in CSS by taking a Udemy course. It's been a loooonnnggg course (literally like 30 hours of content) but I have learned so much which I am really excited to use for myself and also help other people.

Community Updates

I started volunteering with Girl Scouts! I used to be a girl scout when I was much younger so it's really fun to give back to an organization I was involved in. In September, I'm scheduled to be a FIRST robotics coach so I am excited about that.

I have been slacking a little on sharing more of what I do on social media, but I am getting back to it! I'm excited to be more creative and I'm working on getting out of my own head.

Finance Updates

So I've been pretty good at Saving so far (except for a couple weeks last month, idk what happened) and have been working on keeping an active track of how I spend my money and where my money is going. I've also been looking at other ways to increase my earning potential as well. Here are some of the things I've been looking into:

  • I've started using YNAB

  • I've been paying attention to the stock market (in preparation to get ready to buy stocks)

Personal Updates

Personally, I've just been trying to keep it together and stick to the goals that I've had for myself. Last year, I felt like I was running on autopilot throughout most of the year and I'm happy to say that I haven't been doing that as much this year and have just been making a concerted effort to tune in and plug in. I have been journaling, working out, and I'm currently working on decorating my bedroom in my apartment which has been really exciting. Also I've started half-marathon training again so I'm excited to keep that going. I had said some numbers in my last post, about how many times I wanted to do something so I'll share where I'm at with those numbers:

  • I have journaled 72 days this year

  • I have workout out (yoga, running, or strength training) 46 days this year

I'm hoping that some of the other goals I've set will happen this year, but if they don't I know that I'll be able to at least say I did everything that I could within my control.

How are you doing with completing your goals? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.


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