The Engineer: My Favorite Classes

Updated: May 29, 2019

Hello everyone! Hope you're have a good week! Here in New York it's FINALLY getting warm and I am so excited for summer to finally be here! This week we're talking about some of our favorite classes in school. Computer Engineering was rough and honestly there weren't too many classes that made me too excited to be here but here's three that stood out to me the most.

Algorithm Implementation

This class was really critical in terms of landing a job as a Software Engineer. It's an advanced programing course that teaches all the different ways to solve coding problems. I enjoyed it because it really put things together in terms of understanding how code can be applied to different scenarios in the real world.

Advanced Digital Design 

I really liked this class because I got to build things. I chose to study Computer Engineering to learn both the ins and outs of a computer. I also had a really great professor who really helped explain a lot of different concepts and I felt like I really got the hang of it.

Technology and Social Change

Humanities are important! I really enjoyed this class because it covered so many different ways technology is directly impacting society! This class challenged me to think critically and understand my "why" when it comes to Software Development (it also inspired my newsletter Society x Tech).

For any of you interested in going into Software Engineering, Algorithms is really important in getting there! Take humanities courses to broaden your perspective and consider other things outside of code. Let us know what some of your favorite classes in school? - The Engineer


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