The Engineer: My Work From Home Schedule

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are all staying safe and healthy. This week we decided to take you through what a typical work from home day looks like for us and how we achieve work life balance.

I do want to preface this by saying not every day is like this. I try and be as productive as I can, however, sometimes all I have energy for is to to do my job sit on the couch and keep it pushing. That being said here's what a typical good day looks like for me.

Waking Up

For some reason, I have been waking up super early. Like before 7am early. I usually try to make myself fall back asleep and then I'll get up at 8am when my alarm goes off. I'll sit around in bed for a little bit and then I'll get up, make my bed, brush my teeth and head into my living room to start my day.

Morning routine

I've been trying to start my days doing something for me. So I'll do a workout consisting of some sort of HITT or strength training and yoga. Then I'll take a shower and get my breakfast together and either eat it at my dining table or at my desk where I log in for work.

Work Day Begins

While I'm going through my morning, I'll check Slack messages to see if there's anything that I need to follow up on right away or if there was anything that I missed when I logged out the night before. If there is I'll respond to those things right away when I log on or I'll merge a PR (pull request) into production that I had finished up during my work day the night before.

Usually when I log in it's usually right before my first meeting with my team either a Standup ( a meeting where everyone shares what they're working on for today) or a planning meeting. After that I then refine my todo list and get to work.


I usually have quite a bit of meetings throughout the day some are just listening and observing while others are active participation meetings. If I feel too overloaded by meetings I'll look to see which ones I can move to a different day when my schedule is less packed and I can actually focus on getting work done.


I'll take a break during lunch and that will be where I step away from my computer and do something else. That'll be around the time I talk to my mom or my friends, read a book, or just watch some TV. Once I finished eating I'll head back to my desk and continue working first responding to messages that I may have missed while eating lunch and then continue finishing up what I had wanted to complete during the day in between meetings or whatever else comes up.

End Of Day

I usually don't have a set time when I log off, but it's usually around on or before 6 pm when I've wrapped up whatever I set out to work on for that day. After that I close my work laptop send whatever last minute messages I need to send to follow up with tomorrow.

Working on My Projects

I have my own personal list of things that I want to finish before I head to bed so I run through that list and try and complete them as best as I can. In between that time I'll talk to my friends and family and get ready for bed.

I try and have a routine because it helps me focus on other things that I find more important than what I'm going to do next. It's important to find that balance between work and relaxation so you don't get burnt out. What is your routine? Let us know!


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