The Engineer: Presentations Tips Part 2

Hello again! Hope you all are having a good week. Earlier in the year we gave some of our presentation tips. We thought this week it'd be great to add some more tips to that list to help you all put your best foot forward!

In this second year of working in corporate America, "presentation" means something completely different than what I would've thought being in college. To summarize, presentations in corporate America aren't just about knowing about your work but also the significance of your work as well. You have to be able to "sell" your work to allow others to see your accomplishments which will help you build your platform and your brand which can funnel more opportunities. Here are some tips to really rock presentations in the workplace:

Know what you're presenting.

Don't work on something without knowing the full context. And not just the technical context, but the commercial impact as well. You want to be prepared for any and every question that comes your way.

Know your audience.

Depending on who you're talking to, you may have tweak what you're saying. Giving an update at a team meeting? You may not need to give all the intricate details. If you've been working on something really technical and your presenting in front of non-technical people? Save your tech talk to someone who would get it unless they ask for more. Knowing your audience allows your listeners to not get lost which will allow them to connect with your work better.

Understand the impact.

You're going to be working on a team. What you are working on affects the team on a larger scale. Understanding how you fit into the greater vision of your team, allows you to really see the project more broadly which can help you drive different initiatives and contribute on a larger scale on future projects and initiatives.

Being able to present your work effectively takes practice, but it's very important to your success. Have any presentation tips to share? Let us know!

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