The Engineer: Resume Tips

Hello! This week we’ll be sharing our resume tips. I personally wouldn’t say I’m an expert at writing a good resume, but I guess I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of a piece of paper that highlighted my work and accomplishments throughout college. Here are a few of my tips to help you craft a good resume to help you stand out amongst the competition!

Keep it simple. It’s better play it safe when it comes to fonts, colors, and sizing on your resume, rather than trying to be creative. Keep it all one one page, use black font, keep the text sizing as small as 10 or 11, and use standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, etc. You don’t want recruiters to be distracted and lose focus on what you’re staying to present.

Make every sentence impactful. When you’re describing your experience at a company, make sure to include how what you did made an impact to your team. Instead of saying, “I developed an application” say “Designed an application that assisted consumers with _____ which helped us by ______.” Doing this will really take your resume to the next level.

Proof read. All of your experiences need to be in order from most recent to least recent. This is just standard practice. Additionally, make sure you check all your spelling and grammar. You don’t want a recruiter to get your resume and see that you spelled something wrong. It shows that you pay attention to detail which speaks volumes to your work ethic.

Hope these tips help you out! If you would like a sample resume to get you started or want one of us to review your resume, be sure to send it over at - The Engineer

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